Friday, 29 June 2012

Art Materials For Sale - part 2

I am now an ex- home educator and community artist currently clearing out stocks of art and craft materials and educational aids.

The next batch of materials (some new and some used but in good condition) for a bargain price of £6.50 plus £3.50 postage.The packs DO NOT include the same quantities of items shown in the photograph.

Packs are made up of:

1. Felt Tipped Pens none of which are new but have only been used in one workshop activity. Sold as seen and unchecked are: EITHER 5 x Crayola (washable), OR a  Crayola collection of fine tipped assorted colours, OR Bic collection. OR Pack of Multicultural colours OR a pack of Crayola fabric crayons. PLEASE STATE WHICH SET

2.. 1 x Stapler (used)

3.  1 x set of animal shaped sponges (used) OR set of sponge shapes (used) OR 4 x sponge rollers PLEASE STATE WHICH SET

4.  A selection of craft items for decoration including glitter,] and stars (new)

5.  A container of split pins (new)

6.  Compass and pencil (used)

7.  Post it pad (new)

8.  3 x Flameless lights (new) ideal for making lanterns

9.  5 x pencils and 1 charcoal pencil (new and used)

10 2 x packs Dylon Cold Water fix (for tie dye)

Please know that if there are items you do not need it is largely possible to double or triple up on the other items, also please see my previous posting here as I can intersperse items from that list with this one and make up bespoke packs on request.

Come on! Grab a bargain! And buy in some stuff to entertain the children over the summer holidays.

For information and to arrange payment please email: mail2debra@btinternet Items are on ebay too

Also for sale and not part of the packs are:

Fraction Towers
Fraction Towers (used) £5.00 incl P&P

Horseshoe Magnet
Horseshoe Magnet (used) £3.50 incl P&P

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