Monday, 19 May 2014

The Cool Create Club - Craft Activities for Children

I often publish 'how to do' crafts for children (and adults sometimes) at Not Compulsory. I love the spark and originality of art and craft designs that children produce, and more so at the times when they haven't been guided through the activity.

Yet I want to tell you about the Cool Create Club. They are looking to grow their online membership over there. From what I can gather children have a chance for their finished pieces to feature on the Cool Create Wall. The pieces that are showcased are simply completed craft projects made from kits, from brands that sell at so not much opportunity for self expression within the craft activity itself!

If you sign up to the Cool Create Club however, then you will get mailings featuring craft ideas that are set away from the ready made kits and often in line with up and coming topical themes. There are plenty of prizes to be won every month and aside from those published on the Cool Create Wall.

Whatever my opinion surmounts to in regard to the undertaking of craft making using materials that are presented, rather than sourced, I do acknowledge that many children (girls especially), who are moving through their informative years, really like these shop bought kits. My daughter had so many different ones when she was young. Middle school aged children also like being members of online communities and clubs. 

These are the reasons I decided to talk about the Cool Create Club and to engage members of my Blogger Outreach Group to blog about it themselves.

If you click away from here and end up signing up please mention Not Compulsory as the blog which provided you with the info - Many thanks

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