Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Creative Writing Competition - The Winners

“I loved reading the children’s stories - where they get some of their ideas from is beyond me! I’m always taken aback by the creativity that children of all ages show and the theme of Christmas clearly provided lots of inspiration. They really let their imaginations run wild' Comment by competition judge Sam Hay, author of the Undead Pets series of books. 

Here are the details:

Online retailers Cartridge Save recently set up a Christmas Creative Writing Competition called 'I'm Dreaming of a Write Christmas'. Almost 200 entries were received. Entries were judged by representatives of sponsor and Sam Hay. Winners were found in three age categories, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-11. 


4-6 years Angharad Turner, 5, won with her story 'Christmas Boy'. Angharad, attends BlueCoat Primary School, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire. Her tale was of a magic experiment in North Pole Primary School and how a boy called Sam Christmas landed a new role.
Sam Hay says: “This story hooked me from its brilliant first line. It is a great concept and made me smile, a lot!”

7-9 years Sam Perkins, 7, who attends Bramhope Primary School, Leeds, took the honours for his story Sky Guy And Santa, a tale of adventure featuring Santa’s reindeer and the inflatable wobbly man from the local car wash.
Judge Sam Hay comments: “This is written in a punchy style that keeps you wanting to know more. It’s a great story that really shows off the imagination and creativity of its writer.

10-11 years Hannah Lillis from Grafton House Primary School in Ashton under Lyne,  Manchester aged 11. Her story was a simple and stark reminder to time-pushed parents that all their children want this Christmas is love and attention. Hannah's story is called ‘A Christmas Message’ and it is about hiding her parents smartphone chargers so they would spend more time with her over Christmas. She says  “My mum and dad are nowhere near as bad as the parents in my story, although they do spend a lot of time on their phones! I like it best when we all get to spend time together with no distractions, which is where I got the idea from for the story.” 

Mum, Caroline, adds: “I’m really proud of Hannah’s writing, although I’m glad that she’s said I’m not as bad as the mum in the story. I’m sure there’s not a parent who doesn’t check their Facebook, answer emails or send texts when they are meant to be giving full attention to their children. However, phones are banned from now on in our house after reading Hannah’s story!
Hannah Lillis pictured with Dad, and her Mum, Caroline

Judge Sam says:In among the hundreds of wildly imaginative entries that I read, Hannah’s story was unusual and poignant. The message was short and punchy and really powerful in the way it used a modern affliction many parents are guilty of – myself included - to remind us of simpler, happier times. I loved it!

I guess it'll only be a couple of years on, Hannah and Caroline, and you'll find the problem will be the other way round, but a great idea nonetheless and has that moral message attached, which is popular in children's fiction writing 


Note: The three winners each received £50 prize bags, plus £500 for their schools to put towards creative materials.

The top 50 entries have been compiled into a free to download e-book and can be accessed here:


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