Thursday, 9 April 2015

Book Review - Anyone But Ivy Pocket - A Children's Fiction Book by Bloomsbury Publishing

Anyone But Ivy Pocket
ISBN 9781408858639
Author – Caleb Krisp
Published by Bloomsbury in Hardback –
Release date 09 April 2015
RRP £10.99
A Children’s Fictional Book – for 10 + years

Overview: Ivy Pocket has been travelling as a maid to a Countess in Paris, when she finds herself suddenly abandoned. She’s a plucky young girl however, one with a real knack for winding people up and getting under people’s skin, but a born ‘survivor’ nonetheless. She agrees to courier and safe keep a special necklace gift from a dying Duchess to Matilda Butterfield; until the up and coming occasion of Matilda’s birthday ball in London. The story is of the weird and humorously grisly events that happen during the time Ivy takes possession of the precious stone. Along the way Ivy has to run and hide with it and she has to cope with some pretty odd behaviour from others. She talks to ghosts too (the earthbound ones), and she has visions of her own life in the past. Ivy may not be making the grade in the popularity stakes and she may be stretching of the truth, but who should she trust in her effort to fulfill her quest?

Comment and Guide: Krisp’s indignant little character invention, Ivy, is really endearing. He cleverly uses the flaws of her personality to win over the affection of the reader. Written in a style of intelligent chit chat and fast action there is no time to get bored with the plot. Some echoes of the work of others in the language, Roald Dahl, JK Rowling and even a bit of the Oscar Wilde
Some excellently sharp character retorts...
‘Now shut your trap and drink!’

‘It’s a scientific fact that hysteria causes freckles...’

‘I’m a ghost, not an oracle.’

Adjective ‘old’ - Old geezer, old bat, Old Walnut Head,

Alliteration - Wicked windbag, blubbery beast, murderous mess

Note: Reviewer worked with an uncorrected proof copy that did not contain John Kelly's illustrations. Upon previewing a finished copy the view is this: 'where the highly amusing, comic-book style illustrative work is very giving to the reading experience overall; this is a rare case where the imagination does not need to rely on the presence of any visual component to boost it as the writing is so good. That said, the full colour illustration on the back of the hardcover is nothing short of fabulous!'

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