Saturday, 6 January 2018

Product Review - Abacus with Clock by BRIO

This is an adorable educational toy. An All-in-One Abacus and Wooden Clock Face with move-able hands - in a frame. If you are a stickler for the importance of the traditional teaching of the basics and appreciative of the brand BRIO and their refined detail in both design and manufacturing quality then this will do nicely. 

A necessity it is for infant(s) to be calm and attentive to something they can fiddle around with in a mindful sense. Being taught to count from 1 – 10 by sliding and re-positioning beads across an Abacus frame is a time served method of mathematical introduction; soon they’ll be counting themselves!

The analogue clock is designed for little fingers to turn, and a great tool to least begin to understand the concept of counting and marking time over the course of a day.

The Clock in its easy to stand and store frame will be useful for purpose when the ‘time’ comes to learn to tell the time for real, and the Abacus too will help with first homework assignments, so the item will have some longevity in its usefulness.

This item as a whole is tactile, interactive in a low-tech sense, and visually pleasing. Comes boxed and ready to go.

Review by Debra Hall

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