Thursday, 11 September 2014


It has been a while since I came across a craft product that has so many uses and so much versatility that it has spurred me to blog about it. And would you believe it is an old DIY essential to which I am referring.  One that has been selling for years in home improvements stores, known as Duct Tape, or under brands names Shurtape, Frog Tape or Duck Tape, recognized for being high performing and reliable in function for a decorator or a fixer. You could never describe these tapes as exciting  though –  but take a look at all these tapes with funky designs and bright colours and they have a multiple of uses not just decorating, but for being decorative in their own right. 

On the face of it, not the most environmentally friendly product, and although it does the job of securing a package perfectly well perhaps it is best to use something less 'substantial'. Nevertheless I'm thinking to fix a handle (or to make one) for a bag, or (mainly because its weatherproof and protective) revamping a skateboard, or for simply covering a project book, it is all good, because the material is

strong enough to reinforce, and when something contributes toward strengthening and repair, and so giving rise to the upcycling of an existing item; then it has potential to be low impacting on the environment; if you're happy to view it that way.

Patterned tapes like these have been selling exclusively in the US for a long time, but three new designs join a colourful range that are now retailing in the UK at Hobbycraft, Asda, Amazon and online at the range includes paint splat, a couple of leopard print designs, and the cute Scottie dog design called 'walkies' see above.

With Halloween in a few weeks, these tapes are a perfect material for covering pointed hats, treat bowls or buckets, and for making Halloween props, especially those things that you can make up from using paper, flimsy card, or paper mache - good for many crafts ideas really, where performance and the resulting visual affect can be improved by either the subtle inclusion of the tape, or by completely overhauling something with the stuff. There is a tape with a skull design available, but also many plain options in bright colours including plain green, plain orange and plain black, and you can make some great Halloween Pinatas (although it'd take an age to break through it!). 

For more Halloween craft inspiration on Pinterest click on the link under the Pumpkin bag below.

Adheres good enough to paper and cardboard, but sticks even better to cloth, leather, metal, and laminates and often provides a better finish than paint, no white bits!

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and for my US readers only - there is a chance to put forward your own design and a chance to win a prize. More details on the website

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