Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tell-Tale Toast

In my house all four of us have distinct preferences as to how we prepare and serve toast for ourselves.

And, apparently, the way you take your toast in the morning can reveal more about you than you think. The simple act of spreading a knife across toast can indicate if your breakfast companion has the potential to be a long-term match, or not.

Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, Dr Sandi Mann led a project which analysed possible subconscious motives which can prompt the simplest of decisions and choices we make. 

Dr Mann and her team arrived at fifteen well-recognized personality traits; and from that has further identified the potential of a love match, or mismatch, when comparing. She said: How we eat our toast and marmalade might seem intuitive but the fact is, we each individually make a series of choices at breakfast – based on learnt preferences, innate behaviour and conditioned learning ...”

So do you like your bread thick or thin for toasting? What's your favourite spread? Are you a double dipper (do you use the same knife in the butter as you do the jam)?

Well known baker brand Robert's Bakery, and jam and spread makers Duerr's have put together a fun quiz to put you and your partner's toast eating habits to the test.



If you enjoyed doing the quiz, Please share your results!

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