Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Project 10 - How to make a pair of Halloween Mug Rugs

Fig 1
YOU WILL NEED (see Fig 1)
Backing material (maker used a thin cotton tweed-like fabric)
Quilting fabric (maker used a black quilting cotton fabric)
fabric scraps for eyes and mouth
Firstly, Look at the shape in the illustrations above. The Ghost-like template that you draw on paper needs to measure around 23 cm (9 1/2") Long,  and be a similar measurement at its widest point along the bottom, the shape needs to narrowed to around 18 cm (7") in the middle section, and widen again to 19.5 cm  (7 3/4") along the top. The Sizing is approximate, and, of course, your design can differ.
Thread (maker used Coats Cotton 8549 Purple, Coats Duet 7288 Orange, Coats Duet 1000 Black)
Other Sewing kit essentials
fig 2
WHAT TO DO (to make two mug rugs)
1. Place and pin the template to the backing fabric and carefully cut out the shape, do the same with the wadding, and repeat with the quilting fabric (shown in fig 2 and fig 3). So you end up with three Ghost shapes in the different materials. Repeat (1) to make a second mug rug.

Fig 3

Fig 4
2. To make one mug rug, match up the three shapes in the different materials and pin together to make three layers, ensure the wadding is on the bottom, the backing fabric sandwiched in the middle and the quilting fabric on the top as in (Fig 4) Repeat (2) to make a second mug rug
Fig 5
3. Carefully machine along the edges catching in all three material layers as you go, removing the pins as you do so, and make sure to leave a opening of around 5 cm (2") and preferably not along a straight edge. Trim off the access being careful not to cut into your neat stitching. Turn the insides through to the outside by pulling the fabric through the opening, and ensure it is the wadding section that gets reverted to the inside. Push out to the seams so the rug is as flat as can be. Hand sew to close the gap. Iron flat. Repeat (3) to make the second mat. Fig 6 shows the two mats ready for running stitching across the surfaces, both have a black top and a tweed coloured reverse. 
Fig 6

 Fig 7
4. Use lines and lines of machine stitching from top to bottom, or side to side, which ever you prefer. Change the angles, change the thread, make up your own designs. Repeat (4) for the second mat.

5. For both mug rugs, cut out eyes and mouths from stiff material scraps so that the fabric does not fray. Maker used orange and cream coloured fabrics cut out from a large sample book, and she opted for the strips that still had backing paper stuck to the back. Maker cut out the facial features with shearing scissors and appliqued in position using zig zag machining. 

Note: The finished measurements end up being approx 20 cm (8 1/2") Long and 17 cm (6 1/2") wide, so perfect as a mug rug, but also ideal as a table or wall hanging decoration. This is a straight forward project idea for a first-time quilter.

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