Friday, 30 October 2015

David Finkle's Pumpkin Carving Tips

David Finkle is a World Record holding pumpkin carver known best for his pumpkin carving speed. Finkle has teamed up with Asda this season having come up with the idea to seriously creep us out! Can you name the five famous faces carved out of pumpkin flesh above? 

Apparently in a UK poll, Sir Alan Sugar has been voted the most fearsome celebrity by a third, personally I think he's just a big teddy bear, but agreed Gordon Ramsay has those hostile outbursts and Simon Cowell is known for making the odd sarcastic comment or two. Katie Hopkins is simply a wind up, and Clarkson, well, you either love or hate that kind of personality.

David Finkle Asda's official pumpkin carving partner this autumn

Here are Finkle's Five Fantastic carving tips
  • Cut out the bottom of the pumpkin not the top as this makes you pumpkin more stable. Plus it will last longer and keep its shape better
  • Try to choose a pumpkin that is lighter in colour as the skin is thinner and easier to carve
  • Preparation is key, be thorough when cleaning out the insides of the pumpkin. The cleaner it is, the brighter it will glow
  • Avoid using wax tea lights as they cook the ceiling of the pumpkin and it can get really smelly! There are now battery tea lights which are much safer... I have used red and green lights which look really spooky and will make your carving the best in the street!
  • Avoid using kitchen knives, buy a purpose made Asda pumpkin carving kit for the safest and best results.

A bit more about David Finkle's Asda project:
Each pumpkin was painstakingly created, each taking over five hours to complete to ensure the resemblance to each celebrity was accurate. Finkle comments: “It was a pleasure to create such viciously vivid reincarnations of such fearsome individuals. Asda is really going above and beyond to encourage Brits to celebrate the Halloween holiday, hopefully my creations will encourage the nation to get in the carving spirit.

Jose Mourinho, Gemma Collins, Craig Revel Horwood, Lucy Watson and Vicky Pattison join Finkle's 'Pumpkin's of Fame' below . And visit Asda's social hub to see contributions sent in from members of the public

Lastly, I thought I would share this video which has been doing the rounds on social media. It is a pumpkin carving by artist, Andy Berholtz who uses the textural qualities of the pumpkin flesh to produce amazing sculptures, not the sort that light passes through for effect, but stunningly accurate likenesses nonetheless.

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