Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Short Review of Knitting Craft Book - LEARN TO KNIT BLOCK BY BLOCK

Title : Learn to knit Block by Block

ISBN 978-1-78221-274-4
RRP £10.99 
Author Che Lam
Published by Search Press,  December 2015
144 pages. The core is 50 knitting guides in the form of square blocks to knit using different stitch patterns and techniques.  Follow to learn/practice and to really get a grip on the craft of knitting. From pages 126 -139 there are projects which allows the creation of knitted items or to turn your blocks into knitted gifts for yourself or others

All squares measure approx 12 x 12cm (4 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches) Tension is not critical as long as you choose a needle size appropriate to the yarn  

I guess you would call me a relatively new knitter, I have not ventured too far from patterns which require just knit and/or purl stitches only. I have made different sorts of knitted items so I have increased and decreased my knitting to shape pieces and have used a stitch holder tool and marker previously. Therefore, as a judge for this book then I speak from this fairly basic level of ability for the craft overall. Firstly, I will always struggle to replicate techniques represented in a photograph or illustration into a 3D reality, so if you're like me, and you're all fingers and thumbs at the best of times you may have the same trouble. So I report that I found I had to try, try, and try again to follow the correct hand placing and the correct placing of the yarn as shown in the pictures to make something as straightforward as a slip knot. The high quality of presentation of this book however, allows easy following of the stitch charts just fine and the instructions and the layout of this book is very clear. I have only moved through two or three of the block projects to trial the effectiveness of the writing and information. I intend to make many blocks so that I become conversant in many different knitting patterns and knitting techniques, so that I can go on to make bigger and better things. I think this book is probably one of the best you can get to help progress with your knitting skills and it will always be a useful point of reference to have at hand.

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