Ravensburger celebrating the imminent return of 'The Brighton Belle' in puzzle form

About The Brighton Belle

The Brighton Belle was the world's only electric, all-Pullman service and ran daily between London and Brighton from 1 January 1933, until 30 April 1972 when it was withdrawn from service.

A campaign to return the Brighton Belle to mainline service was launched by the 5-BEL Trust in 2009. The project, relying largely on public donations to fund the expensive restoration work, was launched at the National Railway Museum shortly after. 

So the old octogenarian + has since been restored by the professional rail engineering firms, Rampart Engineering and Pindari, in the Brighton Belle Shed at Barrow Hill, Chesterfield. I understand that tests are now being run (or about to be), and the old gal will be making a return to mainline passenger carrying service in 2017 offering a Pulman dining experience to its clientele in fully restored Art Deco car(s).

This is the first time that a complete train will have been restored in Britain. What a fantastic story!

Ravensburger Puzzle Review Brighton Belle by my blogger friend, Ute Lark

1000 pieces

A Premium Puzzle with Soft Click Technology

On opening the 1000 pieces were neatly packed in a bag. It included a leaflet showing the artists biography and additional picture for reference. As I can see from the included small catalogue that it is a new addition to the collection 2016.

The Drawing by Trevor Mitchell shows the 1st class service the Brighton Belle used to bring for 40 years. An excellent choice of the picture as it has many different colours and lines to  be identified on each puzzle piece.

There is more information about “that the magic of fine rail dining in the 1930s, complete with attentive white jacketed Pullman stewards and those sumptuous surroundings” It will be recreated and the Brighton Belle will be in service again towards the end of 2016. If you like to read more please go to the Brighton Belle
website. Rather interesting!

The 1000 pieces are great card quality which you can be sorted easily without the danger of breaking them or the fear of the actual picture coming off. 

Through the many different objects and people on the picture one can sort really well into colours and also shapes depending how you as puzzler prefer it. I prefer sorting in shapes first then colours.

The great thing with a Ravensburger, once you find a piece and it fits - it really fits, it really ‘clicks ‘in. It does have the soft click technology- not just a word- you can really feel it. You do not have to doubt if it is the right place as each piece is individually shaped. This is a big bonus and gives us puzzlers extra help especially for not such established puzzlers. The shapes are distinctive and sometimes you don’t even need to look at the picture so much. While doing piece by piece you feel and see the excellent quality. 

My favourite moment is when I put the last piece in, I feel a sense of achievement and I can see the picture in full big glory.

I very much enjoyed doing this puzzle, it didn’t take long and even my children stopped by to put the odd piece in the right place. I can recommend this puzzle to all puzzlers out there and it would be a good start for someone who has never done 1000 piece puzzle.



  1. It should be amazing to travel in a train like that again. Could go like that to Brighton for the weekend!:-)


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