Sunday, 23 October 2016

Ravensburger Fireworks Sydney feature

I specifically requested to feature/mention on this personal blog, an extra large jigsaw (2000 pieces) by Ravensburger depicting this fabulous image entitled 'Fireworks in Sydney' Disclosure

...because this coming New Year's Eve, I will no doubt see pictures of those impressive fireworks exploding in the night skies over Sydney Harbour on an afternoon news bulletin here in the UK. Those 'down under' welcoming 2017 so joyfully and brightly ahead of us, as they always do. The difference being for me this year, is that one of those people will be my own dear daughter. So it is quite strange how a place that you have never shared an affinity with, suddenly becomes important; relevant; one to watch

...and, I guess, as the jigsaw is 2000 pieces and will measure 98 cm x 75 cm when complete, I best start now and it just may be done by the New Year. Yeah..,but which one, I hear you ask!

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