Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rules and Reputations

Maintaining ones reputation means we live within boundaries and abide by rules that we set for ourselves. As responsible adults we try to apply good reason and fair judgement, not just for matters that relate to our own selves but for those who depend on us.

Someone who has a good reputation can hold many credible attributes. They can be trustworthy, reliable individuals and hold a certain amount of integrity. They can be a man, a woman or a child.

We expect our children to rebel to some degree. Let’s face it, it’s boring, the building of a good reputation thing. But rebellious actions usually turn out okay in the long run, as pushing and overstepping boundaries will not just give rise to one being able to assess a situation afterwards, but also to see the trouble they could have missed. They may consider later whose suspicions they may not have aroused as a result of their actions, and see the consequences they could have avoided if they’d not stepped out of line.

This is not a political blog, but, as recent events have proved, politics affects all walks of life. As adults we can be one step ahead of our own children and know that rules we set for them are there to be broken and that we have to sit back and allow them to learn by their mistakes. Should it be expected then, that us, the recent electorate of our country, be applying these same kinds of considerations to Liberal Party politicians who have made some questionable decisions of late.

Why is Nick Clegg not guarding of his own reputation, or, of all that Liberals’ hold precious? And why is it, in this grown-up world that the Liberal Party politicians appear quite happy to sail their principles down the river in favour of having a bit of short term power?

The main fascination is that Clegg has cheekiness about him. He has probably outraged a good many people having taken on the job of Deputy Prime Minister, but, like a naughty schoolboy, he has gotten away with things and is sitting pretty – for now.

A tip I was told for easy transition into adulthood and to maintain healthy relationships with people closest to me was to keep away from the so called Fast Set. Never thought I’d regard the Tories as the Fast Set, but perhaps Clegg and his cronies should have taken heed and steered clear.

Children have always held a romantic view about deceiving grown-ups and dream about doing something devilish to get their own back on us everyday Schmucks who are constantly spoiling their fun. And as the recent political scene has shown, some never grow up to be mature in self-discipline - choosing not to feel in any way obligated, indebted or answerable to people. Choosing to put personal gain and pleasure over the theories and the convictions of others, over the morals and the will of others…over the blood and sweat of others... It’ll end in tears!

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