Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Thought of the Day

In my teaching I often compare the skills required to bake a cake with that required for life‘n learning, metaphorically speaking. There are many things that have to happen/come together in order to end up with a good sponge.

Thinking on and I see how ones personality is reflected in the science and creativity behind the process of preparing and cooking food.

For instance: take the C grader, who, never mind how much meticulous preparation he or she may put in; will always end up with an average result. Then we have those who are forever apologising ahead for anything they’ve ‘created’. Likewise, we see those who appear to apply little time and effort to the activity nevertheless can miraculously produce something that is both pleasing on the eye and the belly every time.

We also come across people who can tempt us, overwhelm, seduce and drown our senses with their food and those who can warm us, enwrap us and comfort us as well.

Some peoples’ food shouts at you. Some food slowly beckons. Some food educates and some food employs. Alternatively, some peoples’ food can disappoint or bore you; can deny you; can repel you, and even poison (your mind).

The kinds of things people give priority to is reflected in the food they buy and make, for example: convenience, cheapness, taste, diversity or sustainability…
and, taking these points one step further,we can see by behaviour and by that presented on the dinner table ones moral and social standing reflected. We can admire someone who does not have much money yet is always able to rustle up something on very little, and we consider sometimes why someone who is more affluent is fugal in regards to the bill share. We can also see ones style, or lack of; ones cleanliness, or lack of; ones creativity and practicality, or lack of, and so it goes.

Mmm …Food for thought?

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