Tuesday, 20 July 2010

School's out for Summer

This annual event emulates the warmth felt inside on the morning of your birthday; or when you’ve been lucky - like after winning a prize. The daily grunge that plays out for the remaining 322 days of the year, (excluding other shorter breaks in the yearly calendar and weekends that truly are work free,) has finally come to an end – to be replaced by six weeks of sweet freedom.

In recent weeks, the lighter mornings haven’t made it any easier to rise with the alarm. The car seems to have carved out its own set of tracks over the 8 mile trip from home to school, and then back again. My very own auto pilot has done a good, yet sometimes dangerous job. And I realise that I have continued to be unimaginative as to what I can place between two slices of bread when preparing the packed lunches.

I am a home educator and a freelance worker, so, in theory, my own boss – agreed. But I am also a home maker, wife and mother. J works shifts and so eats and sleeps at peculiar times; K is an A-level student and so has many randomly peculiar moments; and teenage son, J is just plain peculiar! As for me I probably the most ‘Peculiar of all Peculiarists’ as Edmund BlackAdder might say, for making hard work of almost everything I do.

So what have I planned for the break? Well, after the filing and clearing out is done and the laptop is locked away for at least one week, there is the novel to finish, poems to write and pictures to paint. This is not a busman’s holiday for me by any means. These are things I do not have time to do generally. There is also the ancestry project to revisit, and family days out to enjoy. And best of all is just being with the three people I most cherish. Smushy, but true!

See you in September!

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