Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Maximum Insecurity

The credit crunch continues to nibble away at our hope for a bright new future and cuts will bite hard. ‘Why don’t they just print more paper money?’ My son asked recently. If only it were that simple. In pre-election speeches party leaders promised us change, promised us a fairer society; promised us a new vision. It was at this time the two main parties, before the coalition, debated fiercely on whether or not 'the roof had been fixed while the sun was shining’.

I’d like to explore further the politicians’ use of metaphor to score political points. Any politician knows full well, whichever party they serve, that safeguarding members of our society should be the main objective – to improve services especially for children, young people, vulnerable adults and the elderly, to impact where it matters to help make people healthier, happier; safer and yes, better off - why not? By utilising all they have in power and influence to make it so. Now, whether or not, a trick has been missed to do just that is debateable, but as sure as bears do what they have to in woods it is down to the power-driven antics of bonus driven city traders gambling on a bear market with shares they never owned that our security is in jeopardy, and, ‘to the back of the class’ I say to anyone who thinks otherwise.

I once read that security was someone’s choice as a luxury item for Desert Island discs. It certainly is a quality that eludes almost all of the people for most of the time.

Insecurity does not just mean not having a roof over ones head; it can signify the absence or lack of many things in people’s lives such as love, friendship, money; time; good health; independence; advantage; influence; skills; qualifications; dignity and respect – the list is endless. Lack of control however, is probably a factor that arguably gives rise to the exception, because ‘having control’ is, nine times out of ten, a negative attribute, and not to be confused with ‘taking control’ this being a more positive pastime. Whenever the controlling element raises its ugly head whether it is in the workplace, in school, college or university, it is usually insecurity that is the driving force behind it. We have all been at the mercy of the insecurity of others. Other peoples’ insecurities can definitely cramp ones style and can ‘make yer life a bl***y misery,’ as my dear ‘ole dad used to say. People will always pretend to be better. And it is an old age problem it seems as the Chinese philosopher, Confucius once said and I quote: ‘a great man is hard on himself a small man is hard on others.

Insecurity can bring about gross misconduct, such as ageist, sexist, and racist behaviour. My favourite quote that nicely sums up the insecure responses and downbeat actions of others has to be: “You don't make your candle any brighter by blowing someone else's out.

Sec (a prefix that grows up to be something nasty)

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