Friday, 14 January 2011

This Debbie Does Doodles Too

I follow a blogger called Debbie who does some pretty amazing 'doodles'. We share the same first name and both focus on drawing and sketching people. The other Debbie illustrates in a trained style that is obvious, while my style is untrained. My drawings illustrate the quirkiness of that kind of approach.

Andy in a boot
I was a 70s teenager, often bored with television repeats over the school holidays such as the wildy dubbed Belle and Sebastian and White Horses; that I'd often sit aside of the TV doodling and sketching. My younger brother, Andy was a favourite subject. He had a round face, big eyes, and straight hair apart from a sticky up bit at the front and was, therefore, quite easy to depict. I'd draw his head popping out of everyday objects, for example a wellie boot or a plant pot.

Two faces
My husband, J has always said that doodling, out of all the things I dabble in, is what I do best. Shame there isn't a qualification in doodling - I might do okay there. 

I keep two Curriculum Vitaes on file, one is artistic related, and the other has an emphasis on my writing  I use one or the other according to which arts job I happen to be applying for. Perhaps I should make up a third and call it my Doodling CV. Is there a call for doodlers in the workplace?
A couple at the seaside
See above a favourite sketch I did while sitting behind an unsuspecting middle-aged couple enjoying the sun, and time together, on a beach in Alfaz, Spain.

copied from an original painting by Thomas Eakins 'Baby at Play'
And as for the sketch above... I cheated this time as I copied it from an original painting. I particularly like drawing children.

Boys in pink

That's it for now!


  1. My doodles are lines and curls and twirls ,yours are super Jan xx

  2. yes, but I couldn't make and sew such lovely things as you do. Deb x


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