Monday, 28 February 2011

The Week That Was

Last week was half term and I have been doing odd jobs, spring cleaning and sorting things along with my family, also I've been painting up some new designs for wall art. This is how the week went...

Got cracking with painting canvases to introduce my new range of Text Talk Wall Art
Text Talk Canvas Art by Debra Hall


I asked Katie, 'What are we doing today?'
She said 'I'm staying in my pyjamas'
I replied, contently, 'Me too!'
Pyjama Day - by Debra Hall

Bagging up by Debra Hall
To make up for our lazy Sunday, Katie and I sorted and tidied out cupboards and bagged up stuff. We had a some things for online auctioning, and loads of rubbish for recycling and to dispose of.

While John was making good work of some new and snazzy kitchen lighting.Katie and I spent the day off loading our hoards down the local charity shop and the rest of the time listing things to sell at auction online

I managed to pin my son, Joe down to action the spring cleaning of his bedroom. Long Overdue. Wish I'd had a magic wand! More bin bags! But I must admit the draw to keep checking online listings to see if I had any watches/bids was too much.

Spring cleaning Joe's bedroom led to the largely, unprepared decision to paint it out. All members of my household have strong personalities, so, as there were too many chiefs working on the job, we didn't get very far with the decorating.

Too many chiefs - by Debra Hall
As much as I hate shopping for shoes, it turned out to be a welcome break from the work at home.

That was the week that was 



  1. I loved this blog post. I loved following your days via illustration. So good, Best one is "too many chiefs"

  2. This is my favourite blog to date, very funny

  3. Great post this ,It reminded me of when my Grandsons were young ,my daughter aquired some hazard tape,across the door way ,Id like to say it worked but they were proud of it ,and often laugh about it now .Hmmm Jan xx


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