Thursday, 30 June 2011

Debbie's Gimmicky Giveaway

I have three sets of mini art canvases to giveaway. I call the sets Text Talk Canvas Art. These are original, acrylic on canvas, wall hanging pieces. A little bit of market research this weekend told me that they appeal, in the main, to teenagers from 12 - 15 years, but my pricing a little expensive for a pocket money purchase, so I've decided to give them away.If you like the quirkiness of these sets or know of someone who will, and you would like to be included in a draw for a chance to win please follow the instructions below. My reason for doing this is to improve my online presence. I have been posting on this blog spot for over a year now. I have a steady number of visits per day, but this is an exercise to gauge feedback in relation to my efforts to inform and entertain online.

Draw 1 A set of three chunky canvases that spell, when displayed together LOL 

can be wall mounted or free standing. Each individual canvas measures 5" x 5" (1.1/2" thick)

Draw 2 A set of small canvases that spell, when displayed together OMG

 wall hanging canvases 4" x 4" (1/2" thick)

Draw 3 A set of small canvases that spell, when displayed together CUl8r

 wall hanging canvases 4" x 4" (1/2" thick)

How to enter:

Maximize your chance to win by having up to three entries in all three draws.

For 1 entry: Please take the time to look back at my archive posts and leave a comment on a blog entry that you like and tell me why you like it.

For2 entries: Followers of my blog (new or old) will acquire a second entry into the draw. Please leave a second comment on this blog post below, telling me what you like about my blog as a whole  - whether it is the articles, the 'how to do' things, the art and illustrations, the opinion pieces, the comedy, the poetry pieces, the personal writing, the educational themes etc. You can follow if you have a Google account using the "Follow" button above top left.NB leave your email address in your comment if you do not have an email address on your blogger profile so that I can contact you if you are a winner.

For 3 entries: If you are a blogger and you blog this giveaway, leave a third comment that you've done so and include a link. This gives you a third entry to win the mini canvases.

Draw will take place on the evening of Sunday 3rd July and the canvases will be posted to the three winners first thing on Monday morning. Good Luck.

Additional note added Sunday 3rd 9pm:..this was an interesting exercise. I may do the same again sometime soon. I didn't need a random draw generator just eleven entries drawn from a hat. Winners names came out in the following order John, Lory and Jennifer. 
Best wishes, Debra


  1. Hi - I'm going to tweet this contest to my followers and share on Facebook. I love the little canvases but wonder if you post to Ireland...hmmm...will find another blog post to comment on. In general, though, I like your blog because of the general ethos and mix of content. - Lory

  2. I like the illustrations and the opinion pieces, funny and thought provoking

  3. Hi Debbie I just found you in my spam box !how querky is that ,What made me open it? I dont know !unless Its because Im nosy hee hee I have to go out just now but will,be back later ,to read through your blog (promise)well you will know when I comment wont you ? LOL I have a 17 year old Granddaughter who would love a set of your canvess's Tell the truth Im 70 and I wouldnt mind either! ,And no I am not in my second childhood ...I havent done with the first one yet ,I promise to pimp your blog when I post next I have 90 followers so we should be able to bump up your readers list ,if this comment goes thru ,and they dont always Grrrr,click on my blog and see for your self Jan xx http://serendipitylives-jan.blogspot .com

  4. Hi Deb - I like your blogs because there is a mix of all sorts which is interesting for the reader. I particularly like to read your views on life/education/art and also your poetry. You have such a talent in art, something I wish I could do without copying!Sue

  5. I have just noticed on your book shelf you have 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'a favourite of mine I read all three back to back ,such a shame the Author died so young ,Im sure he would have written more great books,Maurice recently bought me a Kindle ,Like Baldrick ,he had a wicked plan ,for me to get rid of some of my books Hmm we will have to see lol ....Love Jan xx P.S. LOL (hint hint )Click onto my picture and visit my blog ,I live in the Cambridge Fensxx

  6. Hello Debbie, thanks for an invitation, it is a nice artwork. I will look forward to the new updates. Best wishes and stay creative!!! - Natalia

  7. Just piucked up the little canvases from my post office in Cuonty Cork. They are delightful! Thanks so much, Debbie. - Lory


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