Friday, 10 June 2011

Maths Sphere

A little bit of is a poem about the Whys and Wherefores and The Dos and Do-Nots of  young life. Can you spot familiar language of the mathematical world?  :)

Title: Maths Sphere

You may not know it
that in the simplest form
the best advice as a guide
Number Balloons by J. Hall Age 5
is to stick to the norm.

Estimate the time it takes.
Ensure that it is worthwhile.
See how much Ben gets
then do the the same with Kyle.

Tilt your head at a cute angle.
Put on those plastic smiles.
The probability that the sun will rise tomorrow
beats a foretold forecast by miles.

Parallel lines to London Waterloo.
The distance from house to station.
Define the relationship between
endless love, and its warm sensation.

Give reasons for your answer.
Expand and simplify.
Explain why your success depends...

on that which a listening ear lends. 

By Debra x
this is my chicken by K. Hall Age 9

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