Sunday, 11 September 2011

Educational Jargon Explained and Rated - Part II

Private/Independent/Non-State Schools are also known as a Public Schools – Mainstream State Schools are Public Sector Schools – Free Schools
, like Private/Independent/Non-State/Public Schools are NOT under Local Education Authority (LEA) control, as is the case with Mainstream State Schools (of the Public Sector), but are directly funded by the Department of Education in Whitehall, so in other words are state funded. Free Schools sit apart from any County Hall based LEA department across the land, unlike schools that fall under the state sector, yet, in contrast to Private/Independent/Non-State/Public schools are free to those whose children are registered in them.

Schools in the private sector are funded, in the main, by tuition fee paying parents or trust funds set up by pupil’s relatives/benefactors, or by scholarships awarded, whereas schools in the state sector are funded by the compulsory taxation of Britain’s workforce, or, again, by scholarships awards. Pupils however, who are awarded a scholarship when attending a state funded institution usually spend their money on such things as books and computer equipment to aid their educational progress as the cost of their registration is already funded by tax payers as I have already said. 
NB. Scholarships (bursaries) are financial aids for persons to use to further their education.  They can be awarded to persons attending either the private or the public sector. They are awarded by many different organizations, charities, individuals, and foundations that have been set up specifically to give money in the form of grants. Also, teachers and well established schools and universities award scholarships.

Types of Mainstream State Schools  
Community Schools, Foundation and Trust Schools, Community and Foundation Schools, Voluntary Aided-Schools, Specialist Schools, Academies, Faith Schools, Grammar Schools, Maintained Boarding Schools, Comprehensives,
Types of Private/Independent/Non-State/Public Schools
Kindergarten, PrePreparatory Schools, Preparatory Schools, Elementary, Boarding Schools, Senior School, Sixth Form, Coeducational and Girls/Boys Schools, Special Schools

Free Schools

Alternative Schools and HomeEducation
Waldorf education (also known as Steiner or Steiner-Waldorf education), Montessori Education, Home Education (School is Not Compulsory in England and Wales – Education is, of course

Blogger awards the complexity of school systems and their confusing set-ups with NIL points! Note: Opinion only! See you next time.

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