Friday, 14 October 2011

Art Project 3 - How to make a Halloween Stained Glass Window

To make a design for a Halloween Stained Glass Window you will need:

A sheet of black card (size A1, A2, A3 or A4) depending on window size
Orange, white and black tissue paper torn into strips
Sticky tape
A Pencil

What to do:
Draw a spooky scene onto the sheet of black card. For example: a haunted castle on a hill, or a scary looking jack- o-lantern. Make sure that you fill all of the space with your drawing – however, make sure that you leave a border – so that it looks as if your picture is within a frame. It is also important to make bits of your design attach to the edges of the border (for example: connect the tip of your castle, or connect the stalk of your jack-o-’lantern and other pieces as well, because if not, when it comes to the cutting out bit, there is a danger that the whole design will fall away from the outer frame).

Next carefully cutaway and ‘snip out’ bits of your drawings, (like the windows and doors of the castle, or the eyes, nose and mouth of the jack-o-lantern for example).
NB. Leave as much of the black card in your design as possible as this will provide a dramatic effect.

Tape strips of tissue paper to the back filling all of the gaps; ensure that no tape is visible on the front side of the design, and that there is no gap left unfilled.  Vary the placing of the coloured tissue strips too; this will give the illusion of depth to the finished piece.

It is now ready to attach to a window pane with sticky tape or tac.

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