Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Wednesday

I do not think governments have any idea what it is like for people living in rural locations. I am fully aware that I need to lower my carbon footprint. But without compromising the life we've built for ourselves since moving from Norfolk in 2003 I cannot see the answer. We could move to a Midland's city - but which one? My husband works in Birmingham central and my daughter in central Derby. My son will finish his studying in a home based capacity next summer, and then attend sixth form in our nearest town of Ashby, along with his friends, and so to be fair to him a move is not on the cards just yet. When he gains a place at university perhaps? But that's over two or three years away. As for me, I work from home for the best part, but my work in community arts can take me as far North as the Peak District and as far south as Birmingham and Coventry.

As well, we regularly drive to Ashby, Burton, or Tamworth to shop for things we can not buy locally.  And my two teenage children, who are unable to drive at present, are always requiring lifts: to the train station and back, to their jobs; to meet with friends and to access leisure facilities. Building up their social life is becoming more and more important to them, which is natural. Bus timetabling and making connections have never worked out for us generally anyway, and I've never liked the idea of K getting taxis alone late at night. And if any of us happen to be looking for 'a piece of the action' it is certainly not happening in our village so we tend to go to wherever the 'action' happens to be. This applies to us all.

Our village is extremely commutable which is one of the reasons we moved here. House prices are good value too (another reason). It is not the prettiest of areas, up and coming I'd say; situated in the National Forest (so a nicer place is in the making). It is on the border of NW Leicestershire and South Derbyshire. The week before last, Leicestershire schools had their autumn half term break. My son, J took a break from his studying and husband, J was working. Focusing on the Wednesday of that week I give below examples of when I went to and fro from my house. This mirrors a typical day for me doing various runs. I suppose as my children grow up my carbon footprint will shrink, while theirs will probably grow. It is a dilemma for people who have a conscience about green issues, I feel that all governments have been hypocritical over the matter, as they prefer a flourishing economy where people are out there working, paying their taxes and out and about too spending their hard earned money, but if you live in the countryside everything amounts to a car journey for the majority.

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  1. I too live in a rural area ,and short of staying at home I'm retired ,but belong to various organisations,so have to take a taxi ,if partner is at work .I love the way you have illustrated your global footprint Jan xx


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