Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Made with Love


Some people, especially those who are really in to brands and particular labels, might perish the thought of receiving something handmade as a gift. But the gesture behind the giving of little treats and keepsakes that have been lovingly made with a special person in mind, can end up being a gift that is certainly of better standard, and can be a nice memento and well liked even. And, perhaps more importantly, better value than anything that is factory produced, that's if the labour is one of love, and not predominantly for making money. I have always found it difficult to 'win back' payment for time spent on a project.

Do you remember doing this activity at school? This threading technique on card? An effective Christmas Card decoration that requires a more mathematical approach than a creative one.

This hand-knitted tea cosy is a gifting opportunity to mark this particularly patriotic year for us residing in the UK, and suitably apt bearing in mind we are the nation of tea drinkers! Displayed in the pic above with an Etoile Teapot from Bombay Duck. Details about the knit kit can be found in this Gift Guide here Review of the tea pot, and links to the Bombay Duck website can be found by clicking here 
I know we need to breathe life into our high streets again, and acknowledge that the big guys are struggling to make profits too. Nevertheless, organizations like  is a network of Artists, supporting Artists, who champion and value the work of cottage industries and independents, who are trading online or otherwise. 
Let us all try to buy at least one gift item, to mark whichever religious or cultural festival is coming up (wherever you are in the world) that has not been 'Made in China' - no offence meant to Asian based manufacturers but you do have the lion's share of so, so much! Therefore, let's defy overiding economic trends and forget global for once, and make it local! 

If you are not a knitter or you can't sew, then buy in a few small, chunky canvases and paint on a design.

Admittedly a little sewing involved in this feltworking, but the sequins are a nice addition and the leaves have a multitude of decorative uses.

And this little felt vase was made for me by my son when he was attending kindergarten. So no excuses!
crochet blanket

pair of wrist warmers (pattern below)
Simple Pattern

How to knit a Pair of Wrist Warmers

You need: 1 Ball of Chunky Crofter Wool and a pair of 6mm needles to fit an adult size medium/large

Cast on 24 stitches

K2 P2 Rib for 12 Rows

Then knit until measures 6 1/2 inches (15.5 cm) Long

K2 P2 Rib for 6 Rows

Cast Off. Fold over and make up the one edge, leaving a thumb size gap just above the main wrist fitting ribbing

Note these are of a 'one size' that will fit most, but as a rough guide, to fit smaller work with 18-21 stitches, and for Large to Extra Large (man), perhaps, work with 27-30 stitches

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