Monday, 18 March 2013

Art Project 6 - How to Make a 3D Figure Using Powertex Products

I am more comfortable doing 2D art activities, but I was interested to learn of Powertex products. Using items from the range, anyone can discover their inner artist and create sculptural pieces suitable for displaying in the home, and outdoors in garden spaces.

I am giving a couple of suggestions as to how to make a simple figure shape which you can build upon with everyday bits and pieces being used alongside items from the Powertex range:

1. using plastic coated wire, twist, loop, bend and pose into a person shape, almost like a clothes hanger. It does not matter how crude this is, as it is a frame on which you can add various materials to pack out and build upon using masking tape and tin foil. So you could be working toward making a 3D dancer, skater, Victorian lady in a crinoline dress; or a mermaid even!The You Tube video at the end of this post will explain more and inspire.

European Girl


2. Take ready made items from the Powertex range, which includes plaster type head moulds (see European Girl above). European girl can be attached to a long, pinewood stand which will provide a good structure on which to build upon. Simply fix the head on to the tip of the stand using strips of masking tape crossways and tin foil to fill out. End with more masking tape. See step by step instructions in the You Tube video at the end of this blog post. Note: Plaster heads also include an African lady or European boy.

African woman
Then, using textile pieces like an old t-shirt, or cotton squares, or paper (anything made of natural fibres) you can add clothes. Using simple tricks, a fold, a nip here, and a tuck there, plus and a bit of imagination you can hook and hang, wrap and drape, and then fix and literally suspend the cloth into a hardened position by painting on the Powertex textile hardener. This is an absorbent, environmentally friendly, water-based liquid available in six finishes including terracotta and bronze. So a buba and wrapper style set together with head ties can be designed for a traditional African woman for example (see pic below). Leave to dry.

Dry brushing a metallic pigment over the top, produces subtle highlights while allowing the original colour finish to feature strongly. Leave to dry.

Colortricx pigments
Finish with a coat of Easy Varnish. Overlaying with one or two coats of Easy Varnish after three weeks of drying will provide enough protection for the item to be placed outdoors.

Powertex is a wholesale business. Powertex is available to arts and crafts retailers and professionals. Distributed by Nottingham based Powertex British Isles Ltd in the UK.

Below is a link to a You Tube video which demonstrates short tips on how to use the products, some of which I have outlined in this blog post.

The following images are my first attempt at making a Powertex sculpture. Meet 'Eowyn'

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