Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Powertex - Art Project 6 (Part 2)

Hi Folks! Remember my post introducing arts and crafts items from Powertex? Here is the original link http://notcompulsory.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/art-project-6-how-to-make-3d-figure.html I cannot rave enough about the effects you can achieve using the textile hardener on anything made from natural fibres, including stone, and the unique creations you can muster up using pigments that are really striking. 

I have made another figure, this time Victorian Boy, (see below). I made his form from pipe cleaners, tissue paper and masking tape Note: the plaster cast head and the wooden post running through the middle being the only supplies used that were produced by Powertex the rest of the items were found items. So I dressed my boy with cotton fabrics, wool and feathers hardened by mixing up and coating the pieces in a bucket with the special, acid free, water based hardener. Finishing off with the dry brushing of the pigment and just a smidgen of varnish.


The beautiful wall hanging (below) was simply an art canvas that I covered with fabric and then applied the fabric hardener. The stuck on figures I made in a similar way as Victorian Boy, but this time the little sculptures were a little less padded and flat on one side so they would adhere to the canvas better. Figures are both handmade. I built up the effects using two contrasting Powertex hardeners and two pigment colours. The photographs were taken in a low, yellow light - the real thing is more antique golden in colour actually, rather than bronze-like, but I like the images so decided to keep them as they were without attempting to process back to a more realistic representation.

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