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Legal & General are searching for the nation’s advice to their younger selves 

I know my younger self better than anyone else does. I know exactly what makes her tick and what will be, or certainly should be, an interest to her for her own future moving on through.  I also know when she’ll hang on my every word and when she’ll turn off to what I say.  But we all need a little encouragement now and again. Here are excerpts of that pep talk given by me to my younger self (at different ages). 
We've made our introductions:

And we pick up the talk in regard to those:

Purchases made with that hard earned cash

I say ‘You know that State of the Art Sony Walkman and The Video Star VHS recorder, and that mobile phone and camcorder the size of a brick? Well don’t treasure them TOO MUCH, as in a decade, or so, they’ll be obsolete. This will be largely due to huge technological advances, mainly the discovery of the Internet and the World Wide Web’ (she's looking blank). ‘You can relax too, in the knowledge that your poor map reading skills will not be sending you up the wrong way of a one way street for all-of-your-life because we will have GPS systems in our cars telling us where to go.  I also advise her to ‘store away the parent's old dial turning telephones, Nan’s horrible brown and orange standard lamp, and Aunt Mo’s floral patterned cake tins as they’ll sell for a song on something called ebay, under the labels Retro and Vintage. Oh! And tell big bro he is right to keep his toy cars and their boxes, in  pristine condition, for the collectors market!’  I also suggest that she hold on to those aviator shades, that static filled polyester print dress and the woolly twin set, as, ten years or so into the new millennium, they’ll be right back in fashion!’

1970's me
Arguments between us ensue so we pick up the talk later on, but going back further, I'm with teenage me from the 70s this time, and in regard to:

What you should Value

‘well, health wise value the fact that you are never needing dental work, value having 20-20 vision, and that prescriptions are free to you right now, and appreciate too that your boobs transcend in an upwards direction; and know it really does not matter if your bum looks big (in anything). Value all the people close to you of the older generation, and be very careful not to take people for face value even when you’re sorely tempted. You will come to miss gold and silver topped milk delivered to the door, your local library on your doorstep, and the continued release of ground breaking, soul touching popular music, although rest assured you will continue to hear what you’re hearing right now…it doesn't go away’.

1980's Me

Of course she is keen to know…

What things change for the better

and I tell her ‘Communication and information will be at your fingertips, smoking will be banned from public places, society will continue to struggle but globally we will become more environmentally aware. Politicians and people in the public eye, as well as those who are not, will be held more accountable for failings and wrong doings, more than you see happening presently. In the Noughties crime rates fall (although you still hear of some fearful stuff), and we’re living longer! Yay!

she doesn’t want to know what changes for the worst, but I offer up the information anyway

Things that changes for the worse

The UK economy will take a massive down turn. House prices will go through the roof, and schools, some hospitals and other public services will continue to fail. Unemployment will be a problem for certain sections of society. Global terrorism will raise its ugly head, and culturally, the world of celebrity and reality TV programmes will rule.

From older me: 'I have always had faith in the younger me – she’ll have to make difficult decisions about relationships, family, health, and finances, but I know she’ll never take them lightly.' I keep everything else under wraps so she doesn’t miss out on the fun, but I do reveal, so that it doesn't come as a shock, that from the very moment she becomes a parent she will find she will be changed forever.

1990's Me

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