Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Figure 1

This is a hardback book by Bloomsbury, recently published (September 2014) entitled ICONIC DESIGNS (50 stories about 50 things), and it is a really nice book to possess. I think you will agree that the cover design (Figure 1) by Alice Marwick is pretty cool.

I have read a few of the stories behind the designs that have particularly interested me and the photography enhances the detailing and the reading pleasure. As you flick through the pages one can visually identify with almost, if not all, of the 50 design classics from across the world that feature there.

The word Iconic was once a word that was withheld, and was used only when something or someone had earned and deserved the right to be described as being so. I think the 50 items in the book represent ‘Iconic’ in the true sense of the word, and the stories are backed up and the many contributors do very well in showcasing.

Subjects range from the largely impressive to the smallest of items, like the humble, yet at the same time the hugely ICONIC paperclip! Included in sections devoted to the development, the innovation, and the uniqueness behind the design model of the Eiffel Tower, Coca-Cola, the Swiss Army Knife, Lego, and the Apple iMac G3 to name a few.

I’ve included some photographic images of 'things' that are in the book, and I have been deliberately obscure to illustrate them, but I believe these items are too deep set in ones psyche - so I don’t expect for one minute you will be fooled! Confirm your answers by finding them illustrated above on the cover design pic in Figure 1


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