Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Book Review - Mollie Makes PATCHWORK & QUILTING

Mollie Makes: Patchwork & Quilting: Fun Projects for You to Make, Plus Tips, Hints and Techniques

RRP £16.99

Published by Pavillion Books October 2014

159 Pages
15 exclusive patchwork and quilting projects under the heading PROJECTS
Hints and tips on different methods of cutting and piecing under the heading TECHNIQUES
TEMPLATES (to be enlarged by 200%)

Mollie Makes Editor Lara Wilson remembers her auntie’s craft room and nods her appreciation of the ‘time-honoured craft’ of patchwork.

Range of information
if you are familiar with other Mollie Makes titles you will know how the format of the books goes. The number of pages devoted to each project ranges from three to eight pages (including photographic images), depending on the detail and illustrating attached to each one. Each project opens with a feature style introduction which encourages the maker not to hold back and to give the project a go. Materials, Size, Featured Techniques, and Before you Begin are the sub-headings which are repeated with each project. From Page 84 about halfway through, the projects have finished and the rest of the book is a technique guide, with six pages of templates and an Index
at the end. 9/10

Quality of information
I have not undertaken any of the project as yet, so cannot verify any kind of firsthand experience of doing them but it looks like the information contained supports the project’s main objectives and goals. I wonder, especially if you are a sewing novice, if you may be required to be referencing information on different pages by flicking backwards and forwards between the two sections. However, there isn't reams and reams of text to lose your way with

a book with a hardback cover measuring 22.5 cm square, the print job is strong enough.  At least one full paged image is included for each project. Full colour photography throughout and the images are good quality

I have previously reviewed all bar one of the Mollie Makes titles and published on my reviews site here. Patchwork & Quilting is one of the better presented craft books from the Mollie Makes range, certainly on a par with Crochet and Christmas. Projects are inspiring and there are more items in this book that you may find useful and which you would be more inclined to keep or to pass on. Projects include a couple of bed quilts, a picnic blanket, cushions, different types of bags, a wall hanging, and an apron. Projects by regular Mollie Makes contributors.

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