Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bag Making

Every couple of months or so our craft group meets, Hey! The lovely Susie, Sue, and Janet, we should think up a name for our group! Suggestions below please :)

Our group often make bags. Janet has all the kit accessories, the cutters, gauges, the rivets, snap fasteners, handles, interfacing materials etc. so when it's Janet's turn to host, often bag making is what we'll do. So between use we've made handbags with straps, clutches, clasped purses; fabric baskets; wine bags (ha!) and tote bags.

Here are some action pics from Thursday's bag making activity :)

For any reader/visitor who would like to have a go at making their own handmade bag. I recently shared a boutique bag making project in a previous post, here it is again.

Sew Brilliant Bags a project book by Search Press

A fun little three pocket bag to make, page from Sew Brilliant Bags

As we are becoming quite the experts in bag making, to our Thursday session then, I took a copy of a new book by Debbie Shore called Sew Brilliant Bags: for the ladies to have a look at and to comment on. Our activity had already been set so we did not make anything from the book this time around, but the girls were really impressed with the projects and I am sure we will make things from it, we all really liked the Rucksack made out of contrasting fabrics with a neat little buckle fastener, and I'm tempted to make a shopping bag out of Oilcloth. If we get around to doing something I'll add pictures later. The book contains 12 bag projects which include a variety of techniques i.e. adding zips, pleats, eyelets, and ruching and pleating the fabric (the method of how to make a three pocket bag is pictured immediately above).

The book Sew Brilliant Bags by Debbie Shore is currently only £6.99 on Amazon

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