Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Poetry Basics of Seussian Verse

Today, March 2nd is Dr Seuss Day. I fell upon a post published on a blog called Mick's Place which looks at the poetry theory behind the children's verse of Dr Seuss, plus there are two consecutive posts from Mick's archives to be found in his side bar under August 2012. Good guides if you'd like a few tips to write your own Seussian Verse. 

That's Seuss 101…
But it's only the start. 
In other posts Mick' ll help you
Learn more of Seuss art!

Thank you to Mick's Place. Click on over...

Mick's Place: The Basics of Seussian Verse: You've got a little basic poetry theory under your belt ( courtesy of my last post ). Now it's time to get a handle on children'...

Click on the image link below and then scroll down to read the reviews, the comments are humanistic and inspirational from people enjoying Dr Seuss's books alongside their pupils, children and grandchildren. The reviews submitted over at Amazon really signifies how important the work of author, Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss) has been for early learners worldwide, over many decades

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