Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Craft of Encaustic Painting (Painting with Wax)

I have a few kit basics to hand, and have merely dabbled with this ancient artform; barely 'scratching the surface' so to speak, but I don't think there is any easier way to paint amazing fantasy scenes or create impressive landscape formations in the form of colourful and vibrant pictures than using molten wax, an iron and a just a few basic tools on card or special papers

When working as a freelance artist I ran a community project called 'DIY Girls' and introduced the group to Encaustic Art, passing on the simple techniques I had got to grips with quite quickly. Sure enough the students were soon smoothing and dabbing wax on to their painting cards like experts

It was quite coincidental that a craft book called Encaustic Art PAINTING WITH WAX was in my book box of new craft book releases, and, curiously, I fetched out a project book that I already had in my possession called Encaustic Art Project Book and saw it was another Search Press publication and by the same author, Michael Blossom. Obvious it is then, that if you have any mind picking questions to do with the art, then encaustic artist and demonstrator Michael Blossom is your man! In his sessions and in his books Blossom explains the tools needed to do basic technique and beyond, from creating simple abstracts to more delicate works of art using further techniques

Note: the following three images are by Michael Blossom. Look his gallery up here 

Both the books I mention are selling on Amazon. The Amazon reviews for both are worth a read. Click on a pic below to take you over

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