Monday, 25 July 2016

Paint Yourself Calm - Book Feature

'Anyone can paint. Not only anyone, but everyone

For those who know me personally or through my blog will know the high value I place on creativity and its link with health and well being as well as with teaching and learning; I believe so much can be channeled positively through artistic involvement, engagement or participation in 'the arts'

'Art isn't an exclusive club for those who are gifted or know what they are doing'

While perusing this feel good book by artist, Jean Haines called Paint Yourself Calm I was reminded of my final project idea, in my community artist role, back in 2012

'Painting is something that you can do at any stage in your life' 
My idea at the time was to start up and operate a community art box loan scheme for the elderly. Participants would receive an art box on loan for an agreed time period and I was exploring too the possible involvement of young people who could have acted as art demonstrators on occasion 

'There is far more to be gained from painting than the end result of colour on paper'

Elderly participants would have had the chance to rediscover their artistic skills and enhance their lives by using new art materials and engaging in creative experiences that will be more widely beneficial to them as individuals. Whereas the young people could have benefitted too, by learning valuable skills in communication, organising and leadership

'Time taken to put ourselves in a better and healthier state of mind is a blessing, and well worth it'

Unfortunately I was unable to break through the glass ceiling that was forming to secure the funding to get the project off the ground, but I still obsess over these kinds of principles today. However, books, like the one I feature here can be somewhat motivational and therapeutic in helping one realize that a feeling of self-worth can be regained and inner calm can be achieved at those mindful times when thoughts and imagination is allowed to flow through the body and out through not only the brush, but through the pen, the pencil, the saw, the knife, the vocal chords, the sculpture's hands, the dancer's feet, the pianist's fingers - whatever the art, in fact! Whatever the craft!  

Quotes in the colour fonts above from the book Paint Yourself Calm by Jean Haines 

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