Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Book Review ANIMASAURUS by author Tracey Turner

ANIMASAURUS by Tracey Turner. Illustrations by Harriet Russell

ISBN 978-1-4088-8485-0

Published by Bloomsbury in Hardcover –

Release date 03 November 2016

RRP £12.99

A Children’s Picture Book (Hardback)

Overview: If we were to throw the classification of the animal kingdom into reverse we would have a catalogue of inhabitants of the ancient natural world which look in some ways familiar, yet are strangely different. This is a fact finding collection of mammals; birds; arthropods; insects, sea creatures and reptiles/lizards (of course) with long, weird names, that once walked the earth; flew in the skies; made their homes in the soil; or swam in/ or occupied the oceans. None having that much in common apart from the fact they have all been extinct for millions of years. Evolution does not get a mention in the charting or the text, at all, but on the bottom right hand corner of every page there is an representation of a modern day 'relative' to those ancient creatures and you can see the similarities

Comment and Guide: This Natural History Science and Nature Picture Book is for children of the informative stage of development. It is educational. It is nicely presented in a repeated format of introduction, exploration and comparison in text and timeline information. The prehistoric creature representations are illustrated by Harriet Russell, twinned with Shutterstock photographic shots of creatures that inhabit the earth today. There are rodents with horns, huge Armadillos (Doedicurus), flying lizards (Quetzalcooatlus) and other over-sized prehistoric's, some scary predator types. Ideal for a child who is either dinosaur mad, a fossil collecting enthusiast or one who likes digesting short facts information that they can share around

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