Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Book Feature - Field Guide to Knitted Birds

Publisher: Search Press
Edition: BC Paperback
Publication: 23 March 2017
ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215394
Size: 210x277 mm
Pages: 176
RRP Price:£14.99

I quite like bird themes appearing in handmade craft items. I have my own pieces about the house. A knitted Hen; a yellow Chick and a felted Blue Tit, and, pinned to my noticeboard in the office, a Paper bird with sequins and real feathers. I also own a Textile Print Bird that hangs in the sticks inside a vase as a decoration along with the Blue Tit. And sitting on my kitchen shelf is a velveteen Budgerigar (shop brought)... my friend said she liked them when she first visited, but she also said her husband would absolutely hate such things in their home. Thinking about it I bet he would find them quite vulgar!

However, I'm not crestfallen (pardon the pun). We, that's my craft group ladies and I, are appreciative of such novelties. And we have been intending to knit birds for a while. I have an unfinished birdie in my knitting bag still, which I intended to complete when we get round to doing this as a joint activity and I can share my enthusiasm with them.

Nevertheless, I don't think I'll be able to make myself heard above the clamour when the ladies see the 'Field Guide to Knitted Birds' book. The content is something else when it comes to little 3D bird knits.

The book's authors (project designers) Arne and Carlos, said on Instagram that the books are flying off the shelves!
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I, for one, can vouch how hard it is to make and attach legs and clawed feet to a knitted feathered friend, so the first video I am sharing shows how the famous knitting duo have designed prosthetic-like leg and feet skeletons to attach


The second video demonstrates how to add a beak to your knitted bird

This third video gives tips on how to decorate

All that is presented in the videos is detailed in the book in which there are clear instructions, helpful diagrams and full-colour photographs. The book is a beautifully presented, and have 40 of the 'tweetest' little craft works ever! 

"A field guide to knitted birds" is available in Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, French and English. 

I'm going to acquire some Schachenmayr yarns and get knitting. I'll add pics when I have them. 


Update 27 May 2017

We made birds in our recent craft session, not with the Schachenmayr wool in the end, but with some lovely yarns and scraps of this and that that we had already.

Firstly, Meet what J describes as being her wingless Christmas Pudding bird. He is male and she's still work to do on him she says

then later with wings added...

then meet Praynelope by your's truly. A girl's name but probably a male don't you think? As he's very flamboyant...though a bit intimidating ☺  

Bird Number 3 was completed super speedily by S in the 3 hour session. Look at the little hat! 

should be one more contribution to follow 

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  1. when I shared the link on to my Facebook I received the following comments from two of the crafty ladies I mentioned: 'Looks like a great book' and Can't wait to see it. Next project yes??'


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