Wednesday, 28 June 2017

School Sports Day

School Sports Day, an annual event, which, along with the end of year school trip, is a break in the school calendar which does ease the 'limping to the finishing line' that pupils and personnel are experiencing right now. 

By now, teachers are short tempered; impatient. Children tired and fractious. Everyone 'chomping at the bit' to arrive at the start of the summer recess. 

In recent weeks the lighter mornings haven’t made it any easier for people, set in their long day routines, to rise with the alarm. Cars have carved out their own sets of tracks in the tarmac from home-to-school; school-to-home. 

In our home ed years I'd completely 'given up to ghost' by June's end of expecting any kind of engagement from my children in formal learning sessions. For us, accessing the great outdoors started early: park and picnics, beach combing, outside visits (even in the rain). Sports too. Yes, the children did lots of sport. We managed to access sports very well and my children were witness to the competitiveness of others when growing up. 

Competitive behavior, between parents, and between children themselves, was rife. It was the same in my own schooldays. Sports day was the only time I remember seeing my Mum on the side lines at junior school. I wonder if she'd have bothered if she wasn't so sure I'd win?
J (with Nursery teacher Mrs Davey) is first to step up to the challenge

I shouldn't really speak so out of turn because when my son J was a pre-schooler (see above), and being the older child in his group, meant he was always so much taller/stronger than the other nursery children so he would to be running out front on his own, in a race, and then he'd stop and wait for the others to catch up. He didn't really get it! 

And later, as a five year old, the only summer J had spent registered in a school, I coaxed out loud for him not to faff with the rules of the obstacle course, encouraging him instead just to cheat and to simply leg it to the line. I felt many eyes boring into my back that day I can tell you. I blush with embarrassment at the thought of it. Ho hum! 

Involvement in sport, either as a participant or observer, can bring out the best and the worse in people. Which is why I like the comedy in this jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger called School Sports Day:

  • On this school's podium every one's a winner. Headmistress is seen awarding the second and third placings with a gold
    medal as well as the first. Man explaining to the PE teacher in the forefront that 'We're all winners here, old son. The new headmistress doesn't approve of competitive sports'

  • Brian's mum is fretting about Brian using hard balls as weapons

  • A mother, bold as brass, boasts to another parent that her daughter is better at running than hers
  • Spectators in the 'parents enclosure' shout from the side lines. And over on the far side a man is upset at the egg and spoon race winner, saying he views it as unfair that she won because she gets private tuition!
  • One of the child's sack in the sack race has a designer label

  • A year 5 pupil bounces too hard on a space hopper

Would you like the chance to win a new copy of School Sports Day 500 pieces?

Winner is Crystal from Wales (who entered via Twitter)

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