Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Book Review - Timmy Failure A Cat Stole My Pants




A Cat Stole My Pants - 

Review is by Jack D from Derbyshire 📘
Aged 11 years

Timmy Failure, A Cat Stole My Pants, is a book written by Stephan Pastis. Timmy, a boy with his mother on a honeymoon, although he has found ZERO evidence that his mother and her "husband" Doorman Dave even got married in the first place. (He fell asleep during the wedding). The boy, who believes he works for a made-up company he calls Failure Inc, of which he says is the best detective company in the world. Though this is proved to be fake as some of the supposed "crimes" aren't real. For example, Timmy attempted to arrest a CHICKEN for pecking him on the foot. 'When I am attacked by a bird of prey. It's not a bird of prey says Larry. It’s a chicken'. 
Timmy is proved to be a terrible detective, especially at the beginning, where he doesn't even bother to look for his pants and immediately blames the cat.
My Opinion
In my opinion, I have really enjoyed reading this book. I love the type of book it is, a lot of words with some pictures. Much like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  Although, the book is great, it rarely changes the subject, making the story drag in a way. This makes it slight boring as there is never a twist in it
I would give this book 4 stars. Like previously mentioned, I loved it but it gets boring after a while. If there is ever a Timmy Failure a cat stole my pants 2, it would be great if there were twists and turns in it
All Characters
Every single character in Timmy Failure has unique personality. Every single person in the book is here: Timmy, Timmy's mother, Doorman Dave, Emilio, Larry, Billy, Largo, the little who was being eaten by Butterflies, Rollo and Corrina.
Any Possible Improvements
Like I've said, the story gets a bit boring because there are no twists. I feel like it is straight all the way through, nothing more. If this book were to get edited, it would be great if there were more twists and turns in it 

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