Thursday, 31 August 2017

COLOUR by Marion Deuchars - Book Feature and Review

This book explores colour and its meaning to humans and what we relate colours to. The author is award-winning illustrator, Marion Deuchars.

a two page illustration by Marion Deuchars asking 'Why do children paint rainbows but adults don't?

Questions are presented (but not answered), like this one above about painting rainbows. Designed for us to consider how we might have looked at things as a child and how we look at things differently as an adult. 

Quote by Georgia O'Keefe  from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

This quote above by Georgia O'Keefe appears in the book. It is a personal response to the subject of colour by the famous artist known for her bold and vibrant painting of enlarged flowers particularly

Colour scheme 'Evening in Istanbul' from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

Colour Scheme 'Tahitian Women on the Beach' from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

Colour Scheme 'St Ives'  from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

The three colour schemes shown above are a selection of twelve altogether, where Deuchars has produced a palette of colours from famous artworks, so we are
 absorbed in that feeling of familiarity when we think of the original paintings. Artworks mentioned above are:Evening in Istanbul by the late American painter Stuart Davis style was cubism, modern art, pop art, and abstract; 'Tahitian Women on the Beach' by Gauguin whose striking use of colour, especially in his Tahitian works,produced such powerful forms; 'St Ives' by the late British artist Ben Nicholson who gave extra considerations to colour in his compositions. Colour was very textural to Nicholson. The book does not include any pictures of the famous artworks alongside the Deuchars colour blocks, I guess this would change the overall presentation of a book that features the author's illustrative work only.

Most Japanese children draw the sun as a big red circle from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

Colour in art related facts are included. See pic immediately above and the two below.

from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

My superstitious Nan always said it was 'Blue and Green should never be Seen!' What is the correct saying?

from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

In this simple colour blob circle Deuchars shows those wonderful shades of the colour blue.

from the book Colour by Marion Deuchars

This is my favourite page, I love the manuscript style writing and the pink tones

More about the book:
• Hardcover - handle with care as it can easily crease and mark. Pages are a excellent publishing quality, art editorial work is very good

• Content: Offers engagement, provokes thoughts, feelings and curiosity about Colour
• The author presents us with a book that is visually very pleasing
Comment and review by Debra Hall, Creative Writer

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