Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Project 15 - Winter Trees using Pen and Watercolour

Drawing Pens by Pilot Pens and artwork by the late, Terry Harrison from his book 'Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes The Easy Way' Page 47

Art materials used for the card making project

Artist's watercolours
Pilot drawing pens 01,02,03,04,08
Watercolour paintbrush
Art Masking Fluid
Artist's Watercolours
White Card (any size) note: I use A2 with a view to cutting out the trees individually and making single sized christmas cards

Source material for reference: the book Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes The Easy Way by the late Terry Harrison (artist)  

masking fluid trees

1. The idea for this project was sparked from one of Harrison's techniques from his book about masking fluid trees. So I took his lead and I painted trees using the masking fluid on white card, the intention being, (once ink and colour wash be applied) was to remove the gum film later on to reveal the white patches and white spacing in an effort to suggest snow has settled on each tree and around it

2. whereas Harrison used watercolour for his twig work, I opted for using the fine tips of black ink from my set of drawing pens (see above and below)

3. I applied more masking fluid by stippling with it, first with an artist sponge, and then with some kitchen paper dipped in, to gain random textures round and about the trees. Harrison points out that while we think of snow as white, the light reflecting on snow and the colour of the sky and surroundings can make the shadows appear blue. Therefore I apply a wash of watercolour across the whole canvas with cobalt blue in various degrees of watery application. This made the ink bleed a little and I achieved some surprisingly beautiful effects

Winter Trees using a set of drawing pens, artist's masking fluid and cobalt blue watercolour paints
4. Drum roll please because these winter tree designs are pretty stunning! Admittedly I continued with my original plan and allowed the whole sheet to dry, then rubbed off the masking fluid from a couple of the trees to bring the snow back to white, however, the design that was left was flat and I'm sorry to say that I lost so much detail on those two. Therefore, I've left well alone now, and I've let the dried masking fluid remain on the rest. It seems a shame to cut them away from the sheet individually to mount singular trees on a handmade christmas card because I think this would make for a fabulous wrapping paper design. 

One thing I have learned that is new is how to paint snowy trees using a mix of medium.

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