Monday, 29 January 2018

Ravensburger Puzzle 'Toy Wonderama' - A Product Review

***** Excellent Quality and Imagery

I've spent the last few nights mesmerized by Aimee Stewart's 'Toy Wonderama' with my 9 year old daughter. 500 pieces of toy nostalgia including robots, vehicles and other clockwork pieces. This brightly coloured picture gave us lots to talk about as we worked together to complete this puzzle. Ravensburger as always have produced another top quality jigsaw with pieces that lock together well to form the completed picture. Aimee Stewart packs so much detail into her pictures that it takes repeated viewings to make sure that you have seen everything, definitely an artist that I'll look out for on jigsaw in the future. My 9 year old enjoyed the jigsaw but did find it a challenge, she liked the colours on the jigsaw which helped her assemble the puzzle.

Review by Guest Reviewer Catherine F from Lancashire UK

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