Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Flying Tips For Flightless Birds - Children's Book Review

Flying Tips for Flightless Birds by Kelly McCaughrain is my suggested read for the school child over the Easter hols. It is a teen read (12 years +). 

Birdie is one half of a trapeze act duo, she also blogs about her personal histories and sensibilities of the circus and circus school. Birdie has an accident and it is through the first person voice of Finch, her twin, that the young reader will identify with the insecurity felt of having to team up with a new 'life on the wire' partner; and not just in a circus performing sense. 

This is a story surrounding the angst involved in choosing the right partner whether it's in friendship, or in one's first love/gay love awakenings and the complexities we feel with ourselves and in relationships with others at a time of such heightened awareness. Author, Kelly McCaughrain, captures the essence of having an all inclusive approach for her early teenage audience, but I find it strange that the circus is still a popular theme with children's writers, it appeals to the inner romantic I suppose. Language includes some colloquialisms. The writing is lively.

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